Hideo Hasegawa, Kartika Dewi
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Third-stage larvae and adults of spiruroid nematodes were found from the stomach wall and stomach lumen, respectively, of Maxomys whiteheadi (Rodentia: Murinae) captured in Bukit Soeharto, Kalimantan, Indonesia. Close observation using light microscope and scanning electron microscope (SEM) revealed that it belongs to the genus Ascarops (Nematoda: Spirocercidae), possibly to Ascarops strongylina (Rudolphi, 1819). It is presumed that this species is parasitic in wild boars, Sus barbatus, in the forest of Kalimantan, and utilizes the murine as a paratenic host, in which it usually remains as third larval stage but can occasionally develop to adult stage.



Ascarops, Kalimantan, Maxomys whiteheadi, Nematoda

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