Kelelawar Pemakan Buah Sebagai Polinator yang Diidentifikasi Melalui Polen yang Digunakan Sebagai Sumber Pakannya di Kawasan Sektor Linggarjati, Taman Nasional Ciremai Jawa Barat

Maryati Maryati, Agus Priyono Kartono, Ibnu Maryanto
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Pollinator Bat Identification Based on Pollen as Feed Resources at Linggarjati
District-Ciremai National Park, West Jawa. Pollen identification that used for feed
resources by six species of frugivorous bats from Ciremai National Park was identified
under microscope. The results shown that are known 21 species as important plants for
bats and in the contrast possibly for bats as pollinator. By the principle component
analysis and cluster grouping based on Euclidian distance indicated that Aethalops alecto,
Chironax melanocephalus as important polinator role in primary forest and high in elevation
level, C. brachyotis and Macroglossus sobrinus in secondary or fragmented forest and
Megaerops kusnotoi in lower primary forest and Cynopterus tittacheilus is important role
for intermediate area between primary and secondary forest and at lower elevation range.
On the niche overlaps analysis indicated that the highest overlaps were known in C.
brachyotis and M. sobrinus (0.881) but the lowest in niche overlaps between M. sobrinus
and C. melanocephalus (0.288)
Key words: pollen, bats, feed resources

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