Karakter Pertumbuhan dan Aktivitas Nitrifikasi Kultur Mikroba N-Sw

Dwi Agustiyani, Hartati Imamuddin, Tanto Haryanto
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The growth character and nitrification activity of nitrifying cultures (N-Sw). The
culture of nitrifiers (N-Sw) was obtained from acclimated sludge of sawit palm oil industry
wastewater. The growth and nitrification activity of those cultures were investigated.
The result shows that the growth and nitrification activity attained optimum at pH 7-8,
and temperature of 30 0C. The culture of nitrifiers was still growing at pH 5, but the
nitrification activity was not detected. The growth of nitrifiers and the nitrification activity
was inhibited at 40 0C. The ammonium conversion rate reached 0,088-0,090 mg NNH
+/L/hour/g biomass. The rate of ammonium conversion in the bioreactor increased
to 0.630 mg N-NH4
+/L/hour/g biomass as the pH maintained at 7.5-8 and dissolved
oxygen at 3-4 mg/l O2.
Key words: nitrifying culture, ammonium, ammonium convertion rate

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