Struktur Vegetasi dan Simpanan Karbon Hutan Hujan Tropika Primer DI Batang Toru, Sumatra Utara

Onrizal Onrizal, Ismail Ismail, Erwin A. Perbatakusuma, Herwasono Sudjito, Jatna Supriatna, Iwan H. Wijayanto
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Vegetation structure and carbon stock of primary tropical rain forest at Batang Toru, North
Sumatra. Deforestation and forest degradation contribute for 20 to 25 percent of annual total
carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and to be one of substantial factor of climate change or global
warming. Avoided deforestation into carbon-market regime by reducing emission from
deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) scheme has been agreed on COP 13 of UNFCCC
that was held in Bali on December 2007. REDD application need reliable scientific basic about
the amount of carbon storage in well managed natural forest. The aims of this research were to
detect vegetation structure and to estimate aboveground biomass, carbon stock and CO2
absorption of primary tropical rain forest at Key Biodiversity Area of Batang Toru Forest
Block, North Sumatra Province by existing allometric equation. We designed 20 sampling plots
of 20 x 20 m in two forest area, i.e. Aek Game-game forest and Aek Silemes forest. All trees 5 cm
at diameter at breast height (dbh) and above were measure and identified. From the study, the
distribution of diameter class formed ā€œLā€ curve which mean an indication as balanced forest.
The aboveground biomass of the forest is 544.4 to 583.0 t/ha in Aek Silemes forest and 604.5 to
613.6 t/ha Aek game-game forest. It is equivalent with 272.2 to 291.5 t C/ha or 999.0 to 1,069.9 t
CO2/ha in Aek Silemes forest and 302.2 to 306.8 t C/ha or 1,109.2 to 1,125.9 t CO2/ha in Aek
game-game forest. More of carbon stock (>46% for Aek Silemes forest and >58% for Aek gamegame
forest) saved within dbh of trees 50 cm and above. Therefore, sustainable management
of forest ecosystem is very important to reduce CO2 emission from deforestation and forest
degradation and to improve the function of forest ecology and economy.
Keywords: aboveground biomass, carbon stock, CO2, primary tropical rain forest, Batang
Toru-North Sumatra

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