Pemetaan Genetik Virus Avian Influenza di Indonesia 2007

NLP Indi Dharmayanti, R. Indriani, R. Hartawan, D.A. Hewajuli, A. Ratnawati, Darminto Darminto
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Genetic Mapping of Indonesian Avian Influenza Viruses 2007.Department of agriculture
implements vaccination as one a tool to control of avian influenza disease. The vaccination
program use virus seed such as H5N1, H5N2 and H5N9. Such as vaccination program for other
diseases, avian influenza vaccine program have lack implementation in the field. In 2007,
department of agriculture evaluated the AI vaccination program such as the master seed
vaccine that can be used. Result of the evaluation showed that 11 of AI vaccines that were
distributed in Indonesia did not give protection more than 60% to Indonesian isolates in 2006
(A/Ck/Pwt-Wij/06). From this point and many AI cases in the field in 2007, the aim of this
study was to conduct genetic diversity of avian influenza viruses which have circulated in
Indonesia region. We used virus isolation for propagate the viruses, RT-PCR for identification
and DNA sequencing on HA1 region to analysis genetic diversity for genetic mapping and
useful for master seed candidate. The result of the study showed that there were 6 group of
genetic diversity in 2007; Isolates from group 1, 5 and 6 can be used for AI vaccine candidate.
Key words: genetic mapping, genetic diversity and avian influenza viruses

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