Karakteristik Tipe Pakan Kelelawar Pemakan Buah dan Nektar di Daerah Perkotaan: Studi Kasus di Kebun Raya Bogor

Sri Soegiharto, Agus P. Kartono
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Food TypeCharacteristic of the Fruit Bats at Urban Area: A Case Study in Bogor Botanical
Garden, West Jawa. Bats have important role on seed dispersal and or plant pollinator. The
identification of flower and their pollens as the feed resource for bats was conducted in Bogor
Botanical Gargen. The resultsof this study showed that Eonycteris spelaea male has interests
in with personatus corola type flower, while the female in disk type. Furthermore the male of
Macroglossus sobrinus has interested in rotatus, tubulosus, and perferesence, corola types.
Where as the female has interest in campanulatus type. The campanulatus and papilionaceus
types has a potential to be visitd by Cynopterus minutus male and female of C. sphinx;
Urceolatus type has important for female of C. titthaheileus and C. brachyotis. The male of
Macroglossus sobrinus and female of Eonycteris spelaea has interests to visit the flower with
suboblate and prolate spheroidal pollen types; prolate pollen type has importance for the
male of Eonycteris spelaea; oblate type for the male of C. minutus, C. brachyotis and C.
titthaheileus; oblate spheroidal for the female of Rousettus amplexicaudatus and male of C.
sphinx. The male of C. titthaheileus and female of Macroglossus sobrinus has interests in
gigantic type (>200 ì m), while the female of C. sphinx, C. brachyotis and R. amplexicaudatus
like permagnae type (100-200 ì m).
Key words: Fruit bats, pollen identification, urban area
Kata kunci: Kelelawar buah, pollen, identifikasi, perkotaan

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