Pengaruh Kedalaman Terhadap Proses Pelapisan Inti Bulat Pada Kerang Air Tawar (Anodonta woodiana)

Boedi Rachman, Tjahjo Winanto, Maskur Maskur, Yade Sukmajaya
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The Effect of Depth to Deposition Process on Round Nucleus of Fresh Water Mussel (Anodonta
woodiana). One of the affecting factors to the quality of pearl culture is the thickness of pearl
depositions (nacre). The objective of this study was to obtain information on best level of
depth to culture of pearl, to get fast nacre deposition and high quality of pearl. The research
was conducted for 9 months, in the freshwater pond, was 300 m2 wide and 1 m deep. Freshwater
pearl Anodonta woodiana, sized ranging from 12 – 15 cm were studied. Completely randomized
design was used with levels of deep treatment (A) 30 cm; (B) 60 cm and (C) 90 cm. The result
showed that best thickness of pearl deposition by 90 cm deep (1.30 mm) but hasn’t biggest
significant (P>0.05) to the deep of 60 cm (1.10 mm) and biggest significant (P< 0.05) to the deep
of 30 cm (0.70 mm). The result of implantation was followed that 30, 60 and 90 cm deep were 11.9
%; 12.2 %; 12.0 %, whereas survival rate was followed 79.2 %; 79 % and 78.7 %.
Keywords: Freshwater mussel; Anodonta woodiana; effect; level of deep
Kata kunci: Kerang air tawar, Anodonta, woodiana, kedalaman laut

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