Oksidasi Nitrit Oleh Bakteri Heterotrofik Pada Kondisi Aerobik

Dwi Agustiyani, Ruly Marthina Kayadoe, Hartati Imamuddin
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Nitrite Oxidation by Heterotrophic Bacteria Under Aerobic Condition. The nitrite transforming
activities of heterotrophic bacteria from isolates from agriculture soil, Lampung were studied
under aerobic conditions. Among the 9 bacterial isolates tested, almost all are reported have
ability to consume of nitrite, but none of the bacterial isolates formed significant nitrate in the
medium. NOB H1 (Bacillus licheniformis), is denitrification-negative, consumed 16. 4 mg/L of
nitrites with the accumulation of 4.45 mg/L nitrates. While, NOB H8 (Pseudomonas sp.) is
denitrification-positive, consumed 49. 64 mg/L of nitrite with the accumulation of 3.34 mg/L
nitrates. Nitrite oxidations of both isolates NOB H1 and NOB H8 took place during stationery
phase to the dead phase. Growth pattern of both isolates NOB H1 and NOB H8 were sigmoid
with generation time of 1.69 and 2.19 hour, respectively
Key words: heterotrophicbacteria; nitrite oxidation; denitrification

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