Pengujian 15 Genotipe Kedelai pada Kondisi Intensitas Cahaya 50% dan Penilaian Karakter Tanaman Berdasarkan Fenotipnya

Gatut Wahyu Anggoro Susanto, Titik Sundari
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The Examination of 15 Soybean Genotypes at 50% Light Intensity and Evaluation of Crop’s
Phenotypic Characters. Sunlight is one of the important plant growth requirements. In order
to understand morphological character changes in the crops due to different light intensity, 15
genotypes of soybean consisted of Willis, D3578-3/3072-11, Seulawah, Aochi/W-62, Kaba,
IAC 100/Brr-1, MLGG 0081, MLGG 0059, MLGG 0120, 9837/Kawi, D-6-185, IAC 100, MLGG
0383-1, Pangrango, MLGG 0069 and MLGG 0122 were tested. The research was conducted in
Kendalpayak (grey Alluvial soil type, 450 above sea level, C3 climate type), Malang at dry
season in 2006. The research design was Randomize Complete Block under two different
environmental conditions, with three replications. The experiment was conducted under full
and 50 %light intensity. The results indicated that the reduction of light intensity as much as
50 % resulted in some changes in phenotypic characters such as size and lifespan of the 15
genotype being tested, included the increase of plant height, the longer distance between
nodes, the decrease in node number, the smaller size of stem diameter, the decrease on the
number of leaves, the narrower of the leaf ‘s width and the decrease in pod number. Lessened
seed weight, the low weight of 100 seeds, the lowering level of the leaf’s greenness, and the
accelerate age of flowering and harvesting. IAC 100, MLGG 0383-1 and IAC 100/BBR-1 produced
high under 50% of light intensity.
Keywords : Soybean (Glycine max (L) Merrill), light intensity, phenotypic

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