Komunitas Serangga pada Bunga Rafflesia patma Blume (Rafflesiaceae) di Luar Habitat Aslinya Kebun Raya Bogor Kota Bogor Provinsi Jawa Barat Indonesia

Sih Kahono, Sofi Mursidawati, Erniwati Erniwati
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Insects Community on the Flower of Rafflesia patma Blume (Rafflesiaceae) in its Non Native
Habitat of Bogor Botanical Gardens, Bogor City, Province of West Java, Indonesia. The study
was conducted at the Bogor Botanical Gardens, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia using a blooming
female flower of R. patma. The insects were directly counted in the morning, noon, and afternoon
on both fresh blooming and rotten R. patma . Twenty three insect species were collected
during the study belonging to the order Coleoptera (2 families, 2 species, 5 individuals),
Diptera (9 families, 18 species, 1176 individuals), and Hymenoptera (2 family, 4 species, 13
individuals). Number of individuals of each insect species captured were frequently less than
1.35% from total captured. There were specialization of flies visiting fresh opening flower and
the rotten one. Six species, Leiomyza laevigata (Asteiidae), Chrysomya megacephala, and
Hemipyrellia tagaliana (Calliphoridae), Stegana coleoptrata (Drosophilidae), Heteromyza
oculata and Tephrochlamys rufiventris (Heleomyzidae) were predicted as important pollinators
of R. patma.
Key words: Insect community, flower, Rafflesia patma, non native habitat, Bogor Botanic

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