Model Pemanfaatan Lahan Pulau Moti, Kota Ternate, Maluku: Suatu Analisis Tata Ruang Berbasis Vegetasi

Roemantyo Roemantyo
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Land Use Model of Moti Island, Ternate, Moluccas: A Vegetation Based Spatial Design Analysis.
The Moti Island was dominated by mountain areas and humitropepts soil type which have
high organic matter and low subsoil base saturated values. Geologically, it is a volcanic rock
with andesite composition includes lava, breccias and tuffs volcanic. Combined with high
rainfall, width of island (24.6 km2) and very steep mountain (950 m asl.) the island has become
fragile when not well managed. Compared to the other district, the productivity of this area was
low because the natural resources have not been well developed yet. The shortage of
biodiversity data of Moti Island has become major obstacles in developing Moti Island. This
research was conducted to develop land use models as basic knowledge for spatial design
analyses of Moti Island. Detail discussion on developing Digital Elevation Model of land use
and slope area based on vegetation data was presented in this paper.
Key words: Moti, land use, digital elevation model (DEM), spatial designing analyses

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