Komposisi Flora dan Struktur Hutan Alami di Pulau Ternate, Maluku Utara

edi mirmanto
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Vegetation Analysis of Natural Forest in Ternate Island, North Maluku. A vegetation analysis
of the Ternate natural forest has been conducted by establishing 9 plots of each 30-m x 30-m.
All trees (dbh. e”10 cm) within all plots were measured, their positions were determined, and
their species were identified. In total there were 68 tree species recorded within plots belonging
to 34 families. Trichospermum morotainense was the most common species, followed by
Albizia falcataria, Elmerilla ovata, Cordia mixa, and Macaranga longicaudatum. Almost all
of the common species such as A. falcataria, Tristiopsis canarioides, Pometia pinnata, E.
ovata and Intsia bijuga were found as emergent or canopy trees. According to the ordination
(DCCA) analysis there were at least three tree species associations which were related to
habitat characteristics (conditions). However the population’s dominant species varied among
sites, which might be related to the habitat characteristics and/or effects of human activities in
the past.
Keywords: Vegetation, natural forest, Ternate, North Maluku

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