Kajian Hubungan Antara Fitoplankton dengan Kecepatan Arus Air Akibat Operasi Waduk Jatiluhur

Eko Harsono
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Study on The Relationship Between Phytoplankton and Current Velocities due to Operation
of Jatiluhur Reservoir. High abundance of phytoplankton may create oxygen depletion
within water column, in which may also lead as a threat to the fisheries activities of floating
cage in the Jatiluhur reservoir. In addition, phytoplankton may also clog the filter within water
treatment plant that is currently using the water from Jatiluhur reservoir. The research objective
was investigate effects of changing water current velocity to the abundance of phytoplankton
in the Jatiluhur reservoir. Phytoplankton, measured as chlorophyll-a, were sampled at 10 different
sampling points of 0, 4, 8 and 10 m depth. While current water velocities were calculated using
two-dimensional multilayer equation. The equation will calculate x and y axis current velocities
within different depth of the reservoir. Result shows that in the area in which the current
velocities higher than 15 cm/s less phytoplankton would be found. These velocities found if
the operation of water discharge from reservoir was more than 70 m3/s. The research suggests
that discharging operation from reservoir can be used as an indicator for the early warning
system for the fisheries activities in the reservoir.
Keywords: Jatiluhur reservoir, current velocity, phytoplankton abundance, reservoir operation,
two-dimensional multilayer equation

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