Morfologi Larva dan Pola Infeksi Falcaustra kutcheri Bursey, 2000 (Nematoda : Cosmocercoidea: Kathalaniidae) Pada Leucocephalon yuwonoi (McCord, 1995) Di Sulawesi Tengah, Indonesia

Endang Purwaningsih, Awal Riyanto
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Morphological Study of Larvae and Infection Pattern of Falcaustra kutcheri Bursey,
2000 in Leucocephalon yuwonoi Mc Cord, 1995 from Sulawesi. Some nematode parasites
Falcaustra kutcheri Bursey, 2000 were found in alimentary tract of Leucocephalon
yuwonoi, those were large in numbers in rectum and a small numbers in stomach. Both adult
and larvae were collected from the host. The larvae were different on mouth structure and the
shape of esophagus. An additional character, i.e two lateral branches of the anterior part of
intestine, that appear along the growth of larvae were reported.
Key words: Nematode, Falcaustra kutcheri, infection pattern, larvae, morphology,
Leucocephalon yuwonoi, Sulawesi

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