Merekonstruksi Habitat Curik Bali Leucopsar rothschildi Stresemann, 1912 di Bali Bagian Barat

Mas Noerdjito, Roemantyo Roemantyo, Tony Sumampau
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Habitat Reconstruction of Bali Starling Leucopsar rothschildi Stresemann 1912 in Western
Part of Bali Island. Bali Starling Leucopsar rothschildi Stresemann 1912 is an endemic species
of north western part of lowland of Bali Island. The land use changes of original habitat Bali
Straling to resettlement and agriculture area since the year 1980, has caused this species
moved to the marginal habitat in the Prapatagung Peninsula and resided in Telukkelor areas. In
wet season this bird in Prapatagung Peninsula can have enough food from vegetation in the
monsoon forest in Telukkelor, but in dry season the birds must look for the food in evergreen
forest near Prapatagung. At the end of 2005, this species was categorized as an extinct species
in the wild, but population in captured are still abundant. In 2007 and 2008, the release of this
bird in the nature has been done in Prapatagung peninsula area. In following year bird
monitoring showed that some pairs of these birds can breed sucessfully.
The development of Bali province has caused the end of adding more the electrical power
supply from Java electrical power system. To transmite the electrical power to Bali, extra high
voltage electrical power transmission infrastructure (SUTET) that will be passing and cutting
the lowland forest ecosystem in Prapatagung Peninsula is needed. Other infrastructures such
as Jawa–Bali bridge and high way were under studied to develop in similar area. The
infrastructures were assumed will decrease the carrying capacity of evergreen forest in
supporting Bali Starling food especially during dry season. Based on the recent condition,
study on the habitat recovery of Bali Starling should was conducted especially on the original
habitat that already changed. The results showed that local state land tenure of Sumberklampok,
Sumberbatok, Tegalmuara and Tanjunggelap as in the past known as Bali Starling habitat
should be returned back their function as home of Bali Starling. To support this action plant
inventarisation has been conducted to understand the rest of plant diversity in supporting
Bali Starling conservation.
Key words: Bali starling, Leucopsar rothschildi, reconstruction, habitat.

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