Potensi Virus A/Ck/West Java/PWT-Wij/2006 Sebagai Vaksin

R. Indriani, NLP Dharmayanti, R.M.A. Adjid, Darminto Darminto
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Potential virus A/Ck/West Java/PWT-Wij/06 for Vaccin. Vaccination program for controlling
avian influenza (AI) virus infection in poultry have been emerged during the past 5 years in
Indonesia. However, due to the mutation character of this virus the available vaccines were no
longer effective. Therefore a new local isolate of avian influenza virus A/Ck/West Java/Pwt-
Wij/2006 was studied. The virus, formulated as inactive vaccine, was injected in to 3 weeks old
of layer chickens intramuscularly. At 3 weeks after vaccination, vaccinated chickens were
challenged against seven local isolates of HPAI H5N1 intranasaly. Unvaccinated chickens
were included in the challenge test as control. Results showed that the vaccine produced
100% protection against A/Ck/West Java/Pwt-Wij/2006 (homologous), A/Ck/West Java/1067/
2003, A/Ck/West Java/Hj-18/2007, and A/Ck/Payakumbuh/BPPVRII/2007; produced 90%
protection against A/Ck/BB149/5/2007, and 80% protection against A/Ck/West Java/Hamd/
2006 isolates. The vaccine also stoppped viral shedding by day 5 to 7 after challange. This
study indicate that the new local isolate of avian influenza A/Ck/West Java/Pwt-Wij/2006 has
good potency as vaccine with broad spectrum against a range of AI viruses available in
Key words: avian influenza, HPAI, H5N1,vaccine, poultry.

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