Komunitas Kodok pada Lahan Terdegradasi di Areal Curug Nangka, Jawa Barat

Hellen Kurniati, Alex Sumadijaya
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Frogs communities of degraded areas in Curug Nangka area, West Java. A Total of thirteen
frog species were found in degraded land areas of Curug Nangka, on the foot hills of Mount
Salak at elevation of 640 m - 730 m above sea level (asl). In the fast-flowing river habitat, three
frog species dominated this habitat, they were Huia masonii, Hylarana chalconota and
Odorrana hosii; whereas in fast-flowing ditch habitat, Phrynoidis aspera and H. chalconota
were the dominant species, and for the pine plantation, H. chalconota and H. nicobariensis
dominated this habitat. On the river transect, the presence of individuals H. masonii was
influenced by the dynamics of air temperature and water temperature. In the open ditch
transects, the presence of individual P. aspera was influenced by water temperature. There
was a stronger positive association between the presence of individuals H. masonii and
individuals of O. hosii than between individual O. hosii and H. chalconota on the river
transect. Among individuals of H. masonii and individuals of H. chalconota there was a
positive association; however in the open ditch transects, there was no association between
the presence P. aspera and H. chalconota. The presence of H. chalconota and H. nicobariensis
on the pine plantation transect had strong positive association.
Keywords: frog community, degraded area.

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