PERBANYAKAN IN-VITRO Gynurapseudo-china (L.) DC. (Compositae)

Djadja Siti Hazar Hoesen
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Gynura pseudo-china (L.) DC./umbi dewa (Asteraceae/Compositae), is a species that produce tuber, the whole parts of plant especially the tuber is used as medicine. Extract of the whole plants of "umbi dewa" contains iridoids, terpenyl coumarins spirostanol steroids, pyrolizidines, purines, pyrimidines and chromanes, which has inhibit glucose cerum effect.Industrial usage of the plant requires continuos supply of materials which in turn necessitate its cultivation and planting materials.Planting materials can be produced efficiently by micropropagation technique. This objective of the study was to evaluate the culture respond to the plant growth regulator (PGR) treatments. The experiment was designed with completely randomized designed (CRD) and micropropagation result indicated that proliferation of shoots were optimum in the growth medium supplemented with N6-Benzyladenine (BA) 2 mg/l and adenine sulphate 15 mg/l, BA 4 mg/1 and adenine sulphate 10 mg/1 in combination.Inclusions chlorocholine chloride/chlormequat (CCC) and higher sucrose had positively effect on proliferation microtuber in growth medium supplemented with BA 2mg/l without adenine sulphate. Acclimatization stage and planted to the soil were successful, almost whole (95-96%) plants were survive.


Compositae/Asteraceae, Gynura pseudo-china, proliferasi tunas, proliferasi umbi mikro, adenine sulphate, BA (N6- Benzyladenine), CCC (chlorocholine chloride/chlormequat).

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