Achmad Dinoto, Rita Dwi Rahayu, Aryani S Satyaningtijas
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To investigate the impact of consuming enzymatically synthesized maltooligosaccharide using Bacillus licheniformis BLl amylase on reduction of serum cholesterol level, in preclinical study groups of Sprague Dawley rats were fed for 3 weeks with four different test diets: basal diet (BD), high serum cholesterol-stimulating basal diet (CD), high serum cholesterol-stimulating basal diet supplemented with 3% (w/w feed) commercial maltooligosaccharide (CI), and high serum cholesterol-stimulating basal diet supplemented with 3% (w/w feed) maltooligosaccharide synthesized by enzimatic reaction of B. licheniformis BLl amylase (CB).Our result shows a reduction of serum cholesterol level up to 39.1% in rats CB after three weeks consuming maltooligosaccharide synthesized using B. licheniformis BLl amylase. In addition, significantly increased blood glucose level was not found in this study as an impact of consuming maltooligosaccharide synthesized using B. licheniformis BLl amylase.


maltooligosakarida, Bacillus licheniformis, kolesterol, tikus, uji praklinis.

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