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Tammi Arlinda

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James Chambers was viewing membership indication-ups on Jan. 4, 2015, just like a stock ticker — it had been that initial Sunday of the year, the working day most of us determine this can it be, we’re not about to remain Unwanted fat for yet one more working day. At some time, he was Weight Watchers’ Main executive, and he sat observing, expecting the line around the graph to start its skyward trajectory. Chambers understood purchaser sentiment had been transforming — the company was in its fourth 12 months of member-recruitment drop. But they also experienced a fresh advertising and marketing marketing campaign that will help reverse the generally dismal craze. Nevertheless the weekend arrived and went, along with the people never showed up. Greater than two-thirds of usa citizens had been what public-wellness officials referred to as overweight or obese, which was the oldest and many dependable diet business on earth. The place were the folks? Pounds Watchers was at a decline. Chambers

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