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Bioakumulasi Kadmium Pada Kerang Hijau (Perna viridis) Dengan Aplikasi Perunut Radioaktif

Yusni Ikhwan Siregar


Bioacumulation of Cadmium on Green Mussel (Perna viridis) Using Radiotracer. A laboratory
experiment on the accumulation of Cadmium (Cd) by green mussel (Perna viridis) has been
conducted. Radiotracer 109Cd was applied in the study. The research aimed at evaluating the
effect of salinity, temperature and size on uptake of radiotracer 109Cd by green mussel (Perna
viridis) from dissolved phase. It was found that both salinity and temperature had significant
effect ( P< 0.001) on accumulation rate of 109Cd. The highest concentration factor of Cd (31,23-
54,09) was appeared in water salinity of 29% and of water temperature 30oC. At the steady state
condition green mussel accumulated 72,21-107,80 Bq/gr Cd. It revealed that the small Perna
viridis (5.2 cm in length) accumulated 109Cd about 107,80 Bq/gr, whereas the bigger size of
Perna viridis (6.6 cm in length) had an uptake of about 72,21 Bq/gr.
Key words : Bioaccumulation, radiotracer Cd, Perna viridis
Kata kunci : Bioakumulasi, Perunut radioaktif, Cd, Perna viridis

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